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About Me

Hi I'm April Jay. I'm a psychic medium, trained mental health therapist, ancestral Shamanic healing practitioner and author. As a child, my intuition led me to a self initiated legal separation from my family. Through this Spirit led process, I witnessed intergenerational wounds from three invaluable lenses: as a survivor, a traditionally trained therapist and psychic ancestral healer, all guiding me to value ancient wisdom and science based medicine. 

On a quest to build resilience, I found guidance through my Polish Roma roots and their deep connection to water + energy healing.  The water served as a teacher and guide throughout my entire life, leading me to the wisdom woven into her healing services today. 

My professional experience has extended to several positions in mental health, including working in child protection services as an investigator and case manager, working with high need patients in inpatient psychiatric hospital settings, and working as a trauma therapist. I am honored to say I have  personally guided hundreds of individuals through self transformation and specialize in connecting with Ancestral guides to heal wounds and discover wisdom within. 

I offer healing practitioner training, retreats, business consultations, and individual healings. My primary goals is to help people see they have all the wisdom they need within, to use this wisdom to heal their wounds and to decrease cultural appropriation of healing modalities by guiding people to connect to their true Ancestral roots. 

I currently live amongst the coconut trees + iguanas in Puerto Rico with my partner. I love connecting with ocean medicine daily while serving clients virtually, all over the world. 

Why You Should Join Me

In a time where many of us are seeking deeper spiritual understanding, wisdom + purpose, while not being able to meet "in person", this virtual community is essential. With a massive spiritual shift in our world, it is time to step into our true purpose and unique gifts. The days of doing what we "should" vs. what we were put here to do, are ending quickly. This community is geared to guide you through this exploration and bring you into your happiest, healthiest vibration. I will bring tools, wisdom and support  to bring you closer to your Divine wisdom. 

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